Krishna Jewelers

The industry legend Sri Krishna Jewellers, has been the epitome of the finest and most exclusive jewellery for decades. Sri Krishna was established in 1987 and its vision and adaptation of progressive and conscious steps paved way to its massive success. The family has the honor of being the Official Jeweller to His Exalted Highness.

Sri Krishna’s Chairman, Mr. Ashwin Saini , a visionary, set up the first store in 1987 and pioneered refined manufacturing techniques in the early 70’s. 

The Sri Krishna values are based on trust and continuing quality. For fifty years, Sri Krishna has focused on delivering outstanding pieces of art from its in-house design & manufacturing studio located in Hyderabad, India. The showroom in UP  

Sri Krishna was known as a Pioneer in Uttar Pradesh as it was the first jeweller to bring to Hyderabad a wide range of premium collection of internationally certified designed jewellery and gems in the purest quality.